Small Garden/ Understorey Pack (1.5 metre and under)


Small Garden/ Understorey Pack

This pack is designed for smaller spaces which can add a splash of colour and great habitat. A mix of ground covers, shrubs and grasses.

Each pack has 10 plants, which includes 2 plants of each species below:

Scientific Name Common name Height (metres)
Poa labillardierei flora ALA source POA LABILLARDIERI TUSSOCK GRASS 1.2m
Cassinia longifolia plant CASSINIA LONGFOLIA SHINY CASSININA 1.2-2.5m
Bulbine bulbosa flora ALA source BULBINE BULBOSA BULBINE LILY 40cm
Acacia flexifolia plant ACACIA FLEXIFOLIA BENT LEAF WATTLE 1.5m
Hardenbergia violacea flora ALA source HARDENBERGIA VIOLACEA BLUE PURPLE CORAL PEA Ground Cover

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