Large Garden/ Overstorey (3m and over)


Large Garden/ Overstorey (3 metres and over)

This pack is designed for larger yards or spaces that need overstorey species for improved habitat.

Each pack has 10 plants, which includes 2 plants of each species below:

Scientific Name Common name Maximum Height (metres)
Dodonaea viscosa subsp cuneata flora ALA source DODONAEA VISCOSA CUNEATA WEDGE LEAF HOP BUSH 2-3m
Acacia verniciflua flora ALA source ACACIA VERNICIFLUA VARNISH WATTLE 3-6m
Grevillea rosmarinifolia flora ALA source GREVILLEA ROSMARINFOLIA ROSEMARY GREVILLEA 2-3m
Eucalyptus blakelyi flora ALA source EUCALYPTUS BLAKELYI BLAKELY’S RED GUM 16+m
Allocasuarina verticillata flora ALA source ALLOCASUARINA VERTICILLATA DROOPING SHEOAK 6 – 10m

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