Lake Hume Spillway Squirrel Glider Project, Activity 2, 4 October 2012

Purpose: Install nesting boxes for native wildlife in particular the Squirrel Glider a threatend species found within the area.Funding: Albury Conservation Company.Activities:Check existing nest boxesInstall nest boxesWeed removalResults:10 people attended the event including one young childAlison Mathews (CSU lecturer) confirmed a Squirrel Glider nest in a previously installed nesting box.6 new nesting boxes installedBroome Brush […]

Hovell tree planting at Lake Hume crossing site

Many Albury locals would be aware of the “Hovell tree” at Nouriel Park. The old River Red Gum is known as the Hovell tree as the explorers Hume and Hovell marked the tree when passing in November 1824.What is not as well known is the river was in flood and they trekked up stream to […]

Great New Year’s news

Gliders have been found nesting in one of the recently erected nest boxes near the Lake Hume resort. The discovery was made over the Christmas break by Stuart Lucas who noticed one of the new boxes had been chewed, closer inspection revealed two Gliders nesting within the box.Thanks to all those who have helped out […]


Bushlinks consists of a number of local groups and agencies working together for connectivity conservation in the eastern Murray region of NSW.The Bushlinks working group has a revegetation project being managed  by Holbrook Landcare Network on behalf of the Slopes2Summit and the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative in partnership with Murray CMA.This Biodiversity Fund project is funded by the […]

Lake Hume Spillway Squirrel Glider Project, Activity 4, January 2013

Background:A dead glider was found tangled on barb wire in a fence. CSU specialist staff identified the animal as likely to be a Squirrel Glider. Barb wire is a known major hazard to gliders and cause of a significant numbers of deaths. Purpose:Remove barb wire in a high risk area, and trial covering Barb wire […]

Talking gliders at Splitters Ck-Bungowannah Landcare AGM

After a member of the Splitters Ck-Bungowannah Landcare group visited the Lake Hume glider project site we were asked if we could talk to their group about what we had been doing. Hopefully sharing around what we have done will allow other groups to learn from our experience. The invitation was accepted on the condition […]

Lake Hume Glider Nestbox monitoring and Tree Planting (6 July 2013)

PurposeMonitor and GPS nestboxes, plant trees and protect all plantings from the possums/wallabies.FundingAlbury Conservation Company (and support from Albury Wodonga Parklands)What did we get done?Over 100 trees planted and protected, some of those the following week12 of the 20 ACC nestboxes checked and photographed, others done the following weekA “Glider Board” was signed by everyone […]

Reflections on Riverbank Revegetation and Nesting Boxes at Hawksview

This brief note documents some riverbank plantings on Hawksview and evaluates their effectiveness in relation to biodiversity aims. Plantings occurred in stages along the NSW bank of the Murray River, below Heywoods Bridge. Riverbank Erosion Control works were undertaken on Hawksview in 1990. Funding was by the NSW Dept. of Water and Energy.Large rocks were […]

My Crazy Passion: Growing Galateah

Devoted. That’s my parents in a nutshell…utterly devoted to each other, deeply devoted to nature. My name is Lizette and this ‘My Crazy Passion’ film is about how my parents, Jan and Annelies Willinck, transformed a parched, barren farm into a thriving native oasis. They’re not your bog-normal couple. Dad’s obsessed with turning bare land into bush and […]

Spillway Reserve – Woody Weed Removal for Bush Regeneration

Held:               Sun 13th April 2014Funding:         Slopes to Summit (S2S) and Parklands AWWhere:            Lake Hume Spillway Reserve What did we do?Background on the site’s history and disturbance from building Hume Dam4 teams removed fig trees, Tobacco bush, false Acacia, Broome bush and Caper spurgeAfter BBQ lunch, nest boxes were checked and Gliders observedWhat did we find?Lots […]