Lake Hume Glider Nestbox monitoring and Tree Planting (6 July 2013)

PurposeMonitor and GPS nestboxes, plant trees and protect all plantings from the possums/wallabies.FundingAlbury Conservation Company (and support from Albury Wodonga Parklands)What did we get done?Over 100 trees planted and protected, some of those the following week12 of the 20 ACC nestboxes checked and photographed, others done the following weekA “Glider Board” was signed by everyone […]

Reflections on Riverbank Revegetation and Nesting Boxes at Hawksview

This brief note documents some riverbank plantings on Hawksview and evaluates their effectiveness in relation to biodiversity aims. Plantings occurred in stages along the NSW bank of the Murray River, below Heywoods Bridge. Riverbank Erosion Control works were undertaken on Hawksview in 1990. Funding was by the NSW Dept. of Water and Energy.Large rocks were […]

My Crazy Passion: Growing Galateah

Devoted. That’s my parents in a nutshell…utterly devoted to each other, deeply devoted to nature. My name is Lizette and this ‘My Crazy Passion’ film is about how my parents, Jan and Annelies Willinck, transformed a parched, barren farm into a thriving native oasis. They’re not your bog-normal couple. Dad’s obsessed with turning bare land into bush and […]

Spillway Reserve – Woody Weed Removal for Bush Regeneration

Held:               Sun 13th April 2014Funding:         Slopes to Summit (S2S) and Parklands AWWhere:            Lake Hume Spillway Reserve What did we do?Background on the site’s history and disturbance from building Hume Dam4 teams removed fig trees, Tobacco bush, false Acacia, Broome bush and Caper spurgeAfter BBQ lunch, nest boxes were checked and Gliders observedWhat did we find?Lots […]

School tree planting day at the Spillway Reserve (16 May 2014)

PurposeRe-vegetate the shrub layer to help gliders and other wildlife at the Spillway Reserve.FundingAlbury Wodonga Parklands & Slope 2 Summit.What was doneTim Alexander (Albury Wodonga Parklands) arranged a bus load of James Fallon Yr 10 students to get busy with tree planting,Several block areas were pre sprayed for weed control,13 students attended and planted approx. 200 […]

Gliders on the increase at the Lake Hume Village

What did we do?On Oct 3-4th 2014, we checked the 20 nestboxes erected in 2012-2013Sprayed around all plantings.What did we find?Gliders or nests in 16 of the 20 boxesgliders observed in 8 boxes. Three (3) of these, in the Village area and at “The Pines” foreshore, wereresident for the first timeevidence of nests in an […]

Albury Conservation Company Urban Nest Box Project

Do you live in a built up area of Thurgoona or Splitters Creek, NSW?Do you want to help conserve local Squirrel Gliders, a native animal threatened with extinction?Does your property have a large tree that is within safe gliding distance (approx 40m) to gum trees in a neighbouring park, reserve, or roadside?If you answered YES to the […]

Joint Survey Evening at the Lake Hume Village

Purpose: Mix community and CSU people, get up close to local critters and enjoy learning somethingWhen: Friday evening Nov 14th, 2014Where: Lake Hume Village surroundsWhat did we do?Installed 2 nestboxesSet up 4 Harp traps (bats)Set up motion cameras (gliders)Set up Elliot traps (small ground mammals)Viewed gliders in a nest box (first timers only-see photo)Went spotlightingChecked […]

Hawksveiw Glider Nest Boxes

A successful fun day today at Hawksveiw.Ros and Pam Web hosted a short working bee putting up nestboxes on their property “Hawksveiw”.The aim was to increase the dens available to the gliders believed to be present in the environmental planting along the Murray River and Sandy Ck  and to monitor their movements.With the assistance of […]

Two Days Over 800 Plants

Thankyou to those who donated some of there time to put a variety of native trees shrubs and grasses in the ground behind Earnest Grant Park and in Corrys Bushland.  Around 300 plants were put in behind Earnest Grant Park football oval in very muddy conditions on Sunday August 2nd 2015 and a further 500 […]