AGM, BBQ & Spotlight Evening

A relaxed afternoon and evening of wildlife activities were enjoyed at Lake Hume Village together with our AGM on Friday 4 November. 45 people attended participating in bird walks, squirrel glider nest box monitoring and a spot light walk. A range of wildlife were observed including: 10 squirrel gliders (in nest boxes), white bellied sea eagles, a barking owl, turtles, bats and a number of brush tailed possums. A big thanks to our group leaders Wayne Robinson and Alison Mathews (CSU Ecologists) and John Shepherd (Birdlife Australia)

The squirrel gliders were to shy to come out on Friday night while we watched at dusk prior to our spotlight walk. However, we did manage to catch them on camera: see two cautiously emerge for the evening.

Managed to catch some Micro Bats in the Harp nets, below are two images observing the bats caught. These guys roost in tree hollows and are important insect predators in our agriculture landscape.

bat bat-trap